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Print, Fax, Copy

Edgerton Public Library offers low-cost printing, copying, and faxing services. Printers/copiers are available both upstairs and downstairs in the library. Patrons may print using the public computers located upstairs or ask staff for assistance printing from a device. Patrons may use the copiers without assistance, but are welcome to ask staff for help.

The costs for these services are as follows:
Printing/Copying: 20 cents per page
Faxing: $1.00 per page

The library also has scan to email services available at no cost using our printers/copiers. Please ask a staff member for assistance, if needed.

Find Learning Resources

All of our digital learning resources can be found here on our site. Search our catalog by clicking here to see what is on our shelf or can be borrowed from another library.

Reserve a Room – Conference, Meeting, or Study

To check conference room availability and reserve a space please view our registration page here.

Come in to browse, pick up holds, use a computer.

9 am–8 pm
Friday: 10 am–5 pm
Saturday: 9 am–3 pm